Moving to Warrenton? What you need to know.

So, you’re thinking about moving to Warrenton, OR? The Warrior’s got everything you want to know about the key factors that could make this the best place for you, including Warrenton , OR real estate.

Let’s start with the basics: Warrenton , OR is located in Clatsop County . It has a population of 5,143, and I have a cool graph below that shows the city’s ethnic diversity, as well as other important facts and figures.



What about cost of living in Warrenton , OR? The median income in Warrenton , OR is $42,606 and the median home value is $215,700. This should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability: If 4 median income earners were to engage in a polygamous relationship and set aside half of their pre-tax salaries, they could purchase a median home, with cash, in approximately 2.53 years.


Now let’s discuss commuting in Warrenton, OR. Warrentonians like to say that Warrenton, OR is, “The World’s Biggest Little Town” spread across somewhere between 17.66 square miles (official estimate) and 32.54 square miles (including “disputed territories”). The sheer expanse of Warrenton makes commuting very difficult, especially considering over half of the population has had their driver’s licence revoked by the State of Oregon. Below is a cool graphic showing how people get to-and-from work every day in Warrenton, OR.



That is everything you need to know about moving to Warrenton, OR.



The Warrenton Warrior

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