The Warrior’s North Coast Business Center Economic Development Plan (Update)

Fake news journalist, Edward Stratton at the Daily Astorian, recently created a captivating video outlining a California Entrepreneur’s plans to bring a data center to the Warrenton North Coast Business Center (see here).

The North Coast Business Center already has one of the strongest economies in the North Coast and, arguably Warrenton as well. The last thing we need is some sort of “technology” hub moving into town.

Let’s do what we do best and: a) get another, second Costco in there, b) create a new river and port so we can move defunct cannery, Point Adams, from Hammond to the 101 corridor, and c) build a long-overdue corporate headquarters for Fultano’s Pizza.


Economy improved.

You’re Welcome,

The Warrenton Warrior


Update: The Warrior had breakfast at the Seaside Pig N Pancake with the Warrenton Chamber of Commerce this morning. The Chamber of Commerce representatives were very enthusiastic about the plan, calling it, “definitely unique” and “probably outside of the realm of what most people are thinking.”


Future Home of Point Adams Packing Company HQ2

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