Top 10 Warrenton, Oregon Restaurants

If you’re headed to one of the food capitals of the Pacific Northwest, there’s some chance you’ll drive through, Warrenton, Oregon on your way there. If you happen to be driving past Warrenton on Highway 101 at the exact moment hunger strikes, these are the top 10 restaurants you can choose from:

10. The Dairy Maid

Dairy MaidFounded in 1826 by Ronica “Dairy Maid” Clark (daughter of William Clark), the Dairy Maid offers, more or less, the same menu items you might find at a Dairy Queen, but prepared with some semblance of effort. I have not eaten there in over 20 years, but they used to have a pretty good veggie burger. It’s really the history that draws in the long lines on Summer evenings here.

What to order: The “dairy dip”

Address: 89 N Main Ave, Warrenton, OR 97146

Reservations Recommended: Not necessary

9. Costco Food Court

There is a Costco in Warrenton, and they have a food court.

What to order: Terrine de campagne

Address: Between the T.J. Max and Taco Bell, just off of 101

Reservations Recommended: Not necessary

8. The South Jetty Restaurant and Bar


This Hammond area hot-spot offers Karaoke on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and a snout-to-tail tasting menu that would make Fergus Henderson blush. South Jetty is located across from a gas station, formerly known as “Corkey’s” but is now (misleadingly) called, “Super Mart”.

What to order: The Napoli sausages with roasted red onions and smashed celery with sage

Address: Across from Super Mart

Reservations Recommended: Yes

ED NOTE: I mistakenly mentioned that they have Kareoke on Thursdays. LeAnna, the bar manager at South Jetty, reached out and provided the correction. She was very cool about this post, which I appreciated since this whole thing is satire.

You all get that, right?

I do think they should offer that sausage and celery with sage dish, though.

7. Buoy 9


Located across the street from the South Jetty (you can see South Jetty on the upper right of this photo), Buoy 9 offers quintessential Hammond-area flavors prepared by an unknown chef employed by a famously private and elusive owner.

The chef is a master at weaving together unexpected ingredients, like this tender charred octopus with a sauce of salty fermented black beans and sweet pear. Finding wine pairings for such complex dishes, however, is a challenge. Go for something aromatic so it stands up to the strength of the flavors in the food.

What to order: Smoked-salmon carpaccio with brioche and caviar.

Address: Across from the South Jetty Restaurant and Bar

Reservations Recommended: Yes

3. The Tasting Room at Point Adams

point_adams_packing_company_sign_hammond_02-02-13.jpgSkipping a few here to get to number 3. Point Adams Packing Company is an occasionally-operating cannery in the Hammond area of Warrenton that processes hake into artificial crab meat for the Japanese market.

General manager, Tom Livy, opens up the cannery for an intimate, pop-up Ramen bar in the main office of the cannery on the first Thursday of every month.

What to order: The Shoyu-based, Kyoto-style ramen with a chicken and pork-based broth. Ask for a pat of butter on that.

Address: 482 Fleet Street. The main office is on the river-facing side of the building.

Reservations Recommended: Walk-in only

2. Mini-Mart


The Mart family has been perfecting their fried chicken for 4 generations. They do one thing, and they do it very well. Just let the friendly staff know whether you want the 2 piece, the 4 piece, the 8 piece or the 12 piece (or the Chicken Strip Snack Meal for 5 bucks), and you’ll be off to the races.

What to order: Fried chicken, jojos.

Address: Right next to Fultano’s Pizza

Reservations Recommended: no

1. Fultano’s Pizza

BUBBAS MAY 2014 (37)-1455045353

I don’t think any native Warrentonian will be surprised that Fultano’s is #1 on this list. Founded by someone with the last name, “Fulton” who added an “o” to their name to appeal to a more discerning dining clientele, Warrenton’s Fultano’s is the original and arguably best Fultano’s. Their pizza doesn’t resemble the types of pies you’d find in Italy, New York, Portland, Astoria, Seaside, Olney, or Longview. They create pizza’s best described as a heavy load supported by a firmly-structured cornmeal crust. Hats off to you, Fulton family.

What to order: The Michelangelo and the Mona Lisa. The “Sistine Chapel” and the “Leonardo” are secret items on the menu, featuring a clever inversion of the ingredients on the Florence/Tuscan-inspired Michelangelo and the protein-centric Mona Lisa.

Address: Right next to the Mini Mart

Reservations Recommended: no

There you have it. The top 10 restaurants in Warrenton, Oregon.

You’re welcome,

Warrenton Warrior

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Warrenton, Oregon Restaurants

  1. Very informative piece thank you. I would have liked to see the Clatsop county food bank mentioned in your article, but otherwise a very helpful tool for lightheaded travelers.


  2. I absolutely must disagree with your #10 pick, it should have been way higher on the list. And how on earth did the mini mart make #2? It is taco time and fried food.
    While I can’t see what #6 and #5 are I have to believe one is arnie’s cafe. If not than you should really consider updating your list. What about the taco truck or Kim’s kitchen?


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