Scandalous Warrenton Revelations And The First Step Towards Point Adams Relocation to the 101 Corridor

Last week, Columbia Press reported that the City of Warrenton is considering an end to a long-standing lease with the Warrenton Kia along the 101 corridor (see story here). City commissioners were shocked to learn that Kia had been leasing the triangle-shaped parcel for a measly $225/month from Warrenton. Scandalous.

As many of you know, this parcel is right along the Warrenton Warrior’s proposed “Skipanon 2.0” river and a key part of his Economic Development Plan for Warrenton (see here). The plan would bring a 2nd Costco, a new Fultano’s Pizza Corporate HQ and a re-located Point Adams Packing Co. to the North Coast Business Park along highway 101.

This parcel covers about 3% of the required land to build the Skipanon 2.0. Once dredged, Skipanon 2.0 will provide commercial fishing vessels with access to the newly re-located Point Adams Packing Co. in the North Coast Business Park.

The Warrenton Warrior attended this week’s city council meeting and presented a proposal to lease the land for $335 a month– a $100/month increase for the city and a first step in the Warrior’s crucial economic development plan.

In a statement to the Warrenton City Commisioners and Mayor Balensifer, The Warrior said, “Consumers s demand farm-to-table or, in this case, cannery-to-curbside. By placing Point Adams on Highway 101, we’ll be able to provide tourists and passers-by with fresh artificial crab meat and freezer-burned salmon cheeks direct from the source… Getting Skipanon 2.0 to the business park is a necessary first phase of the plan.”

During the planning meeting, Mayor Balensifer asked the Warrenton Warrior, “Why don’t you just put Point Adams in the Premarq Center, by Aaron’s? That’s right on Young’s Bay and highway 101. You’ll see the same tourist traffic without re-routing water over a mile south along 101, which is unnecessarily destructive and expensive.”

In his response, the Warrenton Warrior said, “Mayor, with all due respect, the North Coast Business Park is the dominant economic center of Warrenton, not the Premarq Center. I’ve taken business classes at Clatsop Community College and I know what I’m talking about.” As he was escorted from the hall, he turned to the city council and yelled, “It’s just like Gretzky said. You skate to where the puck has been, not where it’s going to be!”

2 thoughts on “Scandalous Warrenton Revelations And The First Step Towards Point Adams Relocation to the 101 Corridor

  1. This sounds like an April Fools story. It’s very funny and yet.. it’s December so perhaps I should be concerned.


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